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Portland, OR, United States
We offer unique expertise in simulation modeling and site scale remote sensing and monitoring of mixing zones for water quality analysis and regulatory compliance.

About MixZon Inc

Welcome to the MixZon Inc blog! MixZon is environmental consulting firm located in Portland, Oregon USA.

We specialize in the research, development, and support of simulation modeling and Computer-Aided Design (CAD)systems for environmental impact assessment of mixing zones.

We focus on the design and optimization of point source wastewater disposal systems. Our mixing zone simulation model, CORMIXis an expert system developed for over 25 years and has been applied worldwide by regulators, researchers, consultants, and industry.

We offer unique expertise in site scale monitoring of mixing zones and remote sensing systems for water quality analysis.

The MixZon team performs a dye dilution test for a waste water treatment plant using our integrated remote sensing platform.

We hope to share and exchange information on a wide variety of water quality topics, ranging from our role in water quality modeling for regulatory mixing zones to current regulatory issues, trends and news related to water quality permitting, modeling, management and infrastructure design.

We look forward to providing you with a valuable information service on water quality and mixing zones and learning from you based on your related experience, thoughts and comments.


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  2. YES - we agree this is a specialist area and we need correct equipment. MixZon Inc (http://www.mixzon.com) are both specialists in the area and have the latest sensors and cutting edge technology to get the job done.